Olivier Klinkenberg was born in 1971 in Eupen, Belgium. From earliest childhood on he was enthused by the art of magic. Inspired by the first tricks his grandfather taught him, he received at the age of six his first set of magic tricks.

Fascinated by the world of magic and illusion he constantly broadens and perfects since then his repertoire.

His first public appearance took place in August 1979 in a summer festival in Kettenis (Eupen).

At the age of eighteen he decides to become a professional magician.

In 1992 he develops a complete stage show that among others of his magic acts includes animal tricks, manipulation and his first big illusion. He began to perform this program in 1993.

His permanent wish to reach a wide and multicultural audience brings him in August of that same year abroad for the first time to the Costa Dorada in Spain.

In October 1995 he presents his Magic Show, enhanced by many new acts, as a gala evening event in the Cultural Centre of Forest in Brussels.

Constantly developing his show further he presents his program in all parts of Belgium and abroad.

In the year 2001 he performs in France and on the Canary Isles.

In August 2003 he organises his first genuine tour, the « Travelling Rabbits Tour », bringing him to France and Spain.

After more shows on the Canary Isles he presents a new tour in the summer of 2005. Entitled « Vice-Versa Tour », this program includes even more interactive acts, emphasizing audience participation. One of the main attractions of this show is a levitation illusion. In the summer of 2008 he launches a even more comprehensive tour that includes two programs: a salon and a stage show. With this he travels through Germany, France and Spain.

In the year 2010 Olivier celebrates his 20th stage anniversary as a professional magician with a four months long international « Jubilée Tour ». After two anniversary shows in Brussels, one of them in the theater « Le Bouche A Oreille », his tour takes him to Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain and all the way to the Canary Isles.

Inspired by this anniversary tour he develops in 2011 a new « One Man Show » with special emphasis on the versatility of his repertoire and his very close interaction with his audiences. With this new program, that he calls « Facettes », he again tours through Europe in the summer of that year.

Since then he has intensified and diversified his tour programs and venues: for example his first Great Britain tour (in summer 2012). And in particular his theme programs with which he tours through various European countries: «Carnavalesque » (in winter 2013) and « Halloween Tour » (in autumn 2013 and 2014).

The year 2015 marks his 25th stage anniversary. After several anniversary shows in Belgium, among others at the « Espace Repères » in Brussels and the « Hoeve Holleken » in Linkebeek,  he extensively celebrates this special jubilee event throughout the whole year with a grand European « Celebration Tour ».

A lot of shows in Belgium and abroad follow throughout 2016 and 2017, among these special performances in Paris, Barcelona and Switzerland. Also two new tours: « Easter Tour 2017 » and « Vis-A-Vis Tour » in the fall of 2017.