Magic shows for smaller rooms

Magic shows for smaller rooms (from ten to a maximum of one hundred guests). These very interactive and entertaining shows are for adults and children of all ages and they give everyone in the audience a chance to experience and feel magic first-hand.

The shows are very entertaining and diversified. Many facets of magic are included: general magic, close-up, comedy magic, card magic, manipulation, mentalism, grand illusion, etc.

Adapted to any occasion (for example family festivities, corporate events, receptions, private or official events, etc.) the shows, depending on the wishes of the host, can be made to vary in length from twenty minutes to one and a half hours. The particular occasion for an event will form the motto of each individual show.

These shows can be performed in most available rooms, provided there is ample space for the expected number of guests: living rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, dining halls, small halls for festivities, etc.

They can be presented in six languages: German, French, Flemish, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Performance of shows is possible in Belgium and in other countries.

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